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China Brief Volume: 14 Issue: 7


  한중싱크넷     |    


  2014-04-15     |    


Jamestown Foundation 이 발간하는 격주간 중국 관련 보고서 China Brief 의 최신호가 지난 4월9일 발간되었습니다. In This Issue: - Sunflowers in Springtime: Taiwan’s Crisis and the End of an Era in Cross-Strait Cooperation - ‘A Peaceful, Friendly and Civilized Lion’: Xi Explains China’s Rise in Europe - New High-Level Groups Threaten Line Between Party and Government - Facing Grain Shortfalls, China Asserts Self-Sufficiency Policy - PLA Joint Operations Developments and Military Reform 등의 기사가 실렸습니다. 아래 링크를 통해 기사의 원문을 읽을 수 있습니다. http://www.jamestown.org/programs/chinabrief
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